Saturday, June 27, 2009

Somethings that have been going on

I'm sorry I'm such a slacker on here. I have been super busy with work and being a mom. Here are some things that have been going on.

Kambry LOVES LOVES being in her swimsuit and playing in the water! Thanks Laura for letting us come play with you all the time!! I swear we go swimming like every other day!! She is a totally water baby!

And if you didn't notice but Kambry is SITTING up all by her self now!! I cant believe how big she is getting!

I know I'm a letting behind on this but when i took her in for her 6 MWC she was doing fantastic!! My little girl is no so little anymore.
Weight 13 pounds 15 ounces (12%tile)
Lenght 25.5 (40%tile)
Head 16.75 (53%tile)

Here are some things that Kambry does now
*She LOVES LOVES LOVES her BINKI. We can not leave the house without it
*When she wants to fall asleep she has to have a soft blanket up by her face
*Loves to laugh. Its so cute!
*Loves to read books her favorite one is "This is my duck"
*She talks all the time and her new thing to say he "bababa"
*She LOVES dinner and breakfast time
*She now rolls all over the place. She will just keep rolling and rolling
*She sits up all by her self now
*She loves Green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, Peaches, rice cereal, cookies and pretty much anything that we are eating she wants. She LOVES food
*She loves going for walks
*She loves to swim
*Loves water
*Loves bath time and when i put lotion on her
*she loves to play with her cousin cher
*Loves playing with her toys
*She loves dogs
*Loves nap time
*She is a the happiest baby i know. She is always smiling.
*She has 2 teeth and more are coming in
Kambry is the sweetest girl out there. I cant believe that in about a week she is going to be 7 months old!! Time really does go fast when you have a kid.
I will post some more pictures later this week! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

My super cute toes

Cozette and I went and got glitter toes!! They turned out super cute! They Shine like crazy in the sun. I suggest ALL girl get them. You will love them.