Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Im so MAD at RON!!!! Creepy guy!!!

Your a CREEP!!!! You should have been sent home long time ago!!!! I hope that neither of them win!! Ron you need to stop babying your son!!!

You go girl!!! Im so happy for her! She looks AMAZING!!! I cant believe that Ron would do that then lie at the end of the show!!!

ok ok ok i know im kinda obsessed with this show!!! It makes me so sad and mad!!! I love Kristen and her mom and im so happy for the both of them. I think Kristen was right with what she said that mike should be a MAN and though it out but no he got the easy way out!!! YOUR GOING DOWN BROWN TEAM!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kambry laughing

She is too funny. My dad was holding her and all he was doing was making this noise over and over and she could not stop laughing! Hope you all like it!! I thought it was so CUTE and wanted to share it with everyone. Its so fun to see her change. She is quite the little girl!!
p.s. make sure you pause the music down on the bottom so you can hear her!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bath time

Kambry LOVES baths!! I got her a new little toy. It a rubber duck tub and it quacks. I know she will love it more once she can sit up on her own and play in it!

Playing in her new tub!! I think she likes it!

In her two towels! The ducke and the Flower!! Isn't she just so cute! I cant get enough of her!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

Kambry got to have her very first Easter egg hunt at her papas! She LOVED it even thought she really didn't hunt for the eggs! (I did all the work) I think that's the best thing about things like this! You get to be the child and eat the candy for them! I think her all time favorite thing was she got to see the Easter bunny!! She loved it!!!

She got to see the Easter bunny twice!

They had many activites going on for little kids but she was so small to do any of them. But she did get to see a REAL bunny and even got to pet it.

We got to eat a really nice brunch the day before easter with the family! I was nice to see the family

Four generation

Coloring eggs

The Easter bunny came and droped some things off for her! She loved it! She got an outfit, shoes, binki clips, candy, bows and the cutest bunny basket that talks.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just way to cute!!

So awhile ago i was over at my sisters house and i saw that she had some tutu's. I told Cher to put it on and the only way she would wear it is if Kambry would wear one too! So we put the girls in them and Cher loved it!! We got some really cute pictures of them! Cher loves her cousin Kambry so much! She loves to play with her!!

Ok so I know I'm a slacker about blogging! I'm going to catch up real soon!!