Monday, January 19, 2009

St George

My Little Stink Pot!

This past weekend I got the chance to go down to St George! It was so much fun! The weather was fantastic!! We went swimming and just hung out. It was nice to get away from things and have a good time. Kambry was awesome on the way down. She mostly just sleep which was really nice. On the other hand cher was a little bum!!! LoL Just playing erin!! Cher did a great job to even though she had her moments!! :) Kambry got a cold down there so i have been trying to make her feel better. Her aunt erin has been helping me suck the snot out of her nose. Kambry is NOT a fan of that. Its so sad :( 

Cher was pushing Kambry in the baby stroller. It was so stinking cute. Cher would run down the hall i was prayin the whole time kambry wouldnt be knock out of it. Cher is such a big cousin to Kambry. She loves taking care of her and making sure that everything is ok with her. When erin would clean out her nose kambry would start to cry and cher would get all worried we had to keep telling cher "Kambry is ok, we just need to clean her nose she is sick" then the whole time she would be like bree sick..

So i have decided that Cher and Kambry look alot alike from the nose up. They both have big eyes! Cher has a more of a round face and Kambry has the square jaw. What do you think? The picture of cher is when she was 2 months old and Kambry is 6 weeks old! What Cute little stink pots!!!
So on the way home we had a car full. Garet was down there with his school and he ending up getting sick so we had to bring him home with us. The car was pretty full! Good thing Erin and I got the front!

Garet and Cher both taking naps on the way home. So Sleepy. Good things Cher sleep for 2 hours she was a happy camper!

Erin keep your eyes on the road. She was a little scared to take her eyes off the road. Hahaha

Erin and I on the way home! Erin thanks for letting Kambry and I come! It was alot of fun! We should go again!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kambry is one month old!!!!

Kambry is one month old today!!! I cant believe that it has already been a whole month!!! Its amazing how time flys! I just wanna brag for a min and tell everyone how blessed and lucky I am to raise such a wonderful, perfect, beautiful, little angle of mine. There really isnt a time right now that i cant look at her with out some tears! She is so much fun. She is starting so make some really cute faces. Every time i hurry and try to get the camara to get a picture of her its over. I need to keep my camara always on my side. She is getting super long. I think that she is going to be tall and skinny. She weighs has in today 7 pounds 3 ounces and is 22.5 inches long!!!! She still looks like a tiny little peanut! I cant wait till she gets older and she can laugh and do more things. Its so amazing how they change can so much from day to day. She still is sleeping thoughout the whole night. I feed her about 11:00pm and then she is out until like 6 sometimes 7!! I keep telling my self how lucking i really am!!! I know that somebody up there is watching over me and is helping me get though somethings in life and made it a little easier on me!!! She is forsure a night person. Kambry really doesnt like so take naps in the day she likes to be up and about!!!

I was tryin to get some pictuers of her awake but she was taking a little nap and i really didnt feel like waking her up!!! Being a mom is so much fun! I want and hope that kambry knows that I love her so much and I wouldnt change her for anything! Im so exciting to watch her grow and learn!

So she kinda looks huge in this picture but she really isnt!! This outfit is HUGE on her. But you can tell she is pretty long. I put her in this outfit cuz we were going to the doctor and it was super cold outside! Well I hope that everyone is have a great day!!! P.s im sorry that every picture I have of her has her green huge bink in them! She just loves that thing and is my lifesaver!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some pics of Kambry

3 weeks old

Kambry smiling!

So i went shopping at super target with my bestest freind aubrey and kambry was sleeping..well when i went to look at her i find her like this...

The bow was over her eyes and she just kept sleeping

Just taking some fun cute pictures! Isn't she just so cute!!! I think she looks alot like her daddy! I have so much fun with her! I love being a mom!!! 

New Years Day

For new years day we all went ice skating! Even kambry got to come! It was alot of fun! Garet and Tia had to help me at first since im not the best at it! I would hold on to garet's shirt and he would pull me!
We got alot of fun pictures. Im so excited for the new year to come and see where it will take us! I am hoping that things will get better for us! Im so excited to watch my little girl grow! She already has grown so much. She has the cutest personality!!! On the 6th she will be one month! I cant believe how much time flys. It seems like just yesterday i had her. She still is sleeping threw the whole night! Im very lucky to have such a great baby!