Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bye for now...

If you didn't know it already I have to admit that I'm COMPLETELY ADDICTED to facebook!!! When I say completely I really mean completely addicted. A lot of people I know that been doing a challenge for themselves by getting rid of there facebook for 1 month. I have told myself over and over that I wanted to take part of this challenge. I was telling my family/friends about it and the first thing they said was "That will last a day." I would say ok this is the day and then never do it and so on. Some reasons why i wanted to do it was....
1. Is an addiction for me (Its like a drug that gets you sucked in) I cant just hurry and check it. I find my self 45 mins later still on..
2. I want to have a friend-ship /relationship outside besides just facebook. I feel like the only time I talk to my friends or know whats going on in there lives is threw facebook.
3. Big Big distraction for me. I'm always checking it. First thing when i wake up, every hr, at school, anywhere i am, if im bored etc..i think you get the idea :)
4. Takes time away from being with my daughter
5. Takes time away from getting my school work done.
The list could go on and on and i dont want to bore you with it all so i will stop there but you get the idea im sure. So the night i couldn't sleep I was laying in bed thinking about it and I finally just did it. (As you can tell this was so hard for me) I think its so funny/sad that I couldn't just do it the 500 times other times i tried to do it. Its pathetic that a stupid website can get you so sucked into you and cant let go of it. Its been a whole week now and i will admit some days have been hard to not get sucked back in (especially when i can check it on my phone) in and hurry and log on and check then delete and act as nothing happen. I can say i have not cheated!! Im excited to see the outcome of it. Spending more time with my daughter,friends and family. Staying focus in school and getting my homework done. Doing other things in my space time that's not wasting my time. Right now I can say I LOVE it and its nice not having to deal with it.  I find this information about facebook and I thought it was very interesting so I wanted to share it.

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