Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Truth

The truth is that I'm loving school so far. Its so nice to get out for a couple of hours and be around adults and talk. I really like my Student Success class. Its teaching lots of things on how to have success in like and school.

The truth is that I still have 20 more pounds to lose, and hope to have it gone by the time my brother gets home from his mission.

The truth is that I watch good old barney everyday with Kamby. Well more like 24/7 with her. She loves him so much.

The truth is that I sing to the songs on Barney too. I think I just got them all about down. Sometime I will catch my self singing them threw out the day.

The truth is that I sit in the very front row at school. I use to the be one who would sit in the very back so I wouldn't get called on. I like the front now so I can make sure that I pay attention in class. Plus it makes me look smart. HAHA

The truth is that I cant get Kambry to take naps anymore. She still needs them since she wakes up at 6am. Any ideas what I can do? I still let her have "quiet time" but I want to to fall asleep!! Let me know

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  1. Truth- Your a good mommy to be singing and watching those Barney movies with Kambry!! Evie likes "The Rugrats" for some odd reason, and I actually enjoy watching them, lol!
    I use to nanny these two lil' girls and one girl would refuse to take a nap! So I started to call it "quiet time". I would have her make a bed on the ground with pillows and blankets, and have her read books quietly.. or watch a movie; she would fall asleep with'in 10 minutes! Maybe that would work?? Good luck :)